Virtual Tours are already a pretty known thing in some sectors, when you go and browse for some real estate chances are big you will see some 360° during your search. Now when there’s more then one 360° you are basically already talking about a Virtual Tour.

The technique is already in use with Real Estate agents, project developpers, architects and so on.

Value add

The biggest advantage of Virtual Tours is without a doubt the ‘Immersive” component that a Virtual Tour packs.
People are literally in the middle of their surrounding, have the capability of looking and walking around in it. This delivers an overall good feeling and creates a bond right from the start.

If we take the Real Estate agent example: how often is it that people come look at a property and are like: “Mmm, its not as big as it looks on the pictures”

When presenting in 360° Virtual Tour format, potential buyers have the opportunity to get a good feeling of the real estate even before they actually visit it, put on a (cheap) mobile VR Goggles (like a Google Cardboard) and browse throught the property to get a good feeling!

It doesn’t stop there, the possibilities are endless, imagine presenting Real Estate and potential buyers can look at it in VR, not only can they view it but with a hand movement they are able to put some furniture in it, change the colors or get some curtains up.

Everything is possible, just let it sink in for a moment and realize that Virtual Tours will be a factor that can not be denied in the future.