There is no single platform that you could think of that doesn’t rely on its Content.
This is basically the value add for you as a consumer and without Content, a platform will have not a single chance of surviving.

Take the Internet, Gaming consoles, Video streamingservices like Netflix as examples, if the content is not there you won’t have any reason to use it or even pay for it.
No surprise the same applies for Virtual Reality


Content is King

Ever since the beginning of the development of the first VR Goggles a worldwide Developer Community is working on every area in the VR landscape that you can think off.

Next to that, several big(ger) companies recognized the huge possibilities of the technique in an early stage and started partnerships and cooperation’s with VR companies, these were in most cases companies in the Gaming and Movie industry.

HBO and Lionsgate started a cooperation with HTC and 20th Century Fox partnered up with Samsung. Oculus even has its own filmstudio (Oculus Story Studios) where a team is constantly working on Virtual Reality movies. (Amongst them some former Pixar employees with rather impressive resumes)

The same pattern is to be found in the Gaming industry.

It doesn’t stop there, an increasing number of companies are seeking their way into the VR landscape, ultimately this means that the amount of content which is produced for Virtual Reality is increasing in a staggering pace.

Which will ultimately mean that one of the most important Key Drivers for the succes of VR is in the making.