Social Media has become a part of everyday life in the last years.facebook
We share photo’s, video’s on Facebook, we all have an opinion and when we watch TV we often have a “Second screen” in which we share our thoughts on Twitter or other Social Media channels.

You can’t really think of a life without modern day life.

But what happens when Social Media and Virtual Reality meet??

Well where it ends is unclear, this will become clear in the coming years, what is already sure is that Social Media will be a factor of great importance in the VR landscape.

Back to the……..

Lets go back to the beginning of the Virtual Reality Hype (of this century).
It’s March 2014, Facebook unveils that it has acquired Oculus for a staggering $2B. We don’t have to tell you what Facebook makes money from and we therefore don’t have to speculate on the reasons why Facebook invested the $2B.

There is an equal amount of supporters and opponents to Social Media and especially in VR (where the Social component is already being questioned due to the “immersive” component)

But imagine this: You already can invite your friends into a Virtual Space, interact with them, watch videos together and chat with them just like you’re actually sitting in the room with them in real life.

It doesn’t stop there, the Gambling industry has also discovered VR, the first VR casino’s are already online and the first VR Poker tournaments have already been played. The Oculus platform recently announced their first Facebook interface and an increasing number of startups is working on all kinds of Social Media applications in Virtual Reality.

Is it social? Well we let you to decide 😉