VR Games have already become immensely popular. It is no accident that the gaming community has been dubbed the driving power behind the early adoption of virtual reality.
The gaming industry has made quick use of this fact. There are very few game developers around, which are not yet developing their games for the virtual reality market. Let us quickly run through the platforms on which VR games will be available to you.
The offer of games, which are available in virtual reality, can be divided into three main groups, these groups are mainly related to the platforms on which they are played. We could also make a subdivision based on the type of game.


These are mainly the games that can be played using Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR. These games are fairly cheap or even free of charge. The wide availability and low price of mobile VR headsets, makes these games easily accesible.


When we say desktop games, we are talking about those games that can be played on the VR HMD’s, like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. The games are, for the main part, heavy on the graphics and demand powerful hardware to be played.
Within the desktop games category, we can make a subdivision between native VR games and the backwards compatible ones.

Native VR

These native VR games, have been purposefully made to suit VR headsets. The graphics are optimal, the field of view is perfect and latency is as low as possible. On top of that, a native VR game makes excellent use of the on-board sensors, in a VR headset. All of this enables you, to have an optimal gaming experience.

Backward Compatible

The definition of backward compatibility is:

“Support for an older version of software, which gives the device the possibility to take the place of an older product, by being able to operate with older versions of the software that was originally created for the older product.”

This tells you everything you need to know. We are talking about old school games here, which by the use of special software, can be made suitable for virtual reality.
The downside to these games, as opposed to the native VR games, is that they were not built from scratch to suit the technological possibilities of the VR headset.

This can be apparent through lacking graphics and non fluent gameplay.
With these games, motion sickness is also a serious threat.

Gaming console

For now this is only applicable to the Sony Playstation VR system. We are talking about games which are played on a gaming console.
Here again, there is a distinction between native and backward compatible games.