The Movie industry pretty much is in the slipstream of the Gaming industry when it comes to stepping into the VR Era. One can guess why that is, well that’s obvious:
VR opens up a whole lot of doors in terms of experiencing Movies.


Ever since the beginning of “Moving Images” we are searching for ways to make the experience of watching those as intense as possible, we tend to look at Movies at big screens and the sound often comes from Surround Cinema Set. We (and industries) do pretty much everything to get an “Immersive” experience when watching movies.

Virtual Reality is just that technique that is able to get to a whole new level in experiencing entertainment, and thus movies. VR’s primary objective is to delivery Immersiveness to the person experiencing it.


If you combine that fact with the techniques already at hand (CGI and other special effects) you can imagine that VR has the potential to really blow you away.

New doors are opening up and the Movie Industry is in full swing to take advantage of this whole new playing field to deliver the best and mind boggling VR Movie experiences right on your VR Goggles.